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Another blog, another planet. So this blog became defunct or something because of some internet bullshit that I don’t understand even though this guy tried to explain it to me (tell ’em to jump farther), and this blog is hibernating because I’m not one of those people who talks about the Hot Stove, much in the same way I don’t play fantasy sports, BECAUSE GEEZ YOU GUYS. I don’t enjoy abstraction or hypothetical when it’s something like sports. You wanna talk problems of essentialism in ethnography then I’ll yak all day, no problem.

This here bloggggguh won’t be as reductive as Music Thing or Gay Baseball Crushtimez because, as seen (though no one read it, and why would you, seriously, there’s a 329071907-word deconstruction of AVRIL LAVIGNE fer Chrissake) with the music thing, I hardly ever wrote on it unless I was sad/on drugs or totally obsessed, and even when I was obsessed with something I still couldn’t be bothered to write about it sometimes (great lost post: connecting death metal to a strain of contemporary folk music, but not “freak-folk” because wtf is that). As far as gay baseball crushtimez, oh who cares. Also there are times when I try to talk to people about whatever the hell thing I’m interested in for that five-second period, and the response I get is “…” or “ha” or “isn’t this why people get blogs?”

Oh, is that why?


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