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Happy birthday, Blago!

Awwwww, why so glum chum? Your corruption bringing you down? It’s okay, others have been there before. This face you’re making right now, I could kiss it. It is the Sad White Guy Scandal Face aka The Spitzer.

Spitzer didn’t start this trend, but the facial expression HAS GOT TO be named after him because of his face’s amazing contribution to the art of So Contrite I Wish My Frowny Mouth Could Devour My Entire Head pyrotechnics.

Jeff Skilling’s grimace wins best in show for metatextuality, considering he resembles this guy too:

Mark Foley adds “I want to fuck young gay boys” to the face while also accessorizing with phone!

Not to be out-gayed, here’s Jim McGreevey:

Bonus points for also getting the dude behind him to make the face too. Gays looooooove to synchronize, like a dance routine! McGreevey and pal could synchronize-frown while singing “Jimmy Mack/JIMMY!/Ohhh Jimmy Mack, why is your face like that.”

Brett Favre shows that the face isn’t relegated solely to politicians, and the beautiful arc of his mouth may actually rival Spitzer’s in terms of length if not Head-Vacuuming Power:

0401008P PACKERS V 49ERS X

Barry is all “Yo dawggg it ain’t just honkies who be usin’ this shit, fucking Blago, man”


Oh poor Barack it’s like–


W is all like “Dawwwww, I always look worse in comparison.”

She is crashing this boys club.

But she only put “18 million cracks in the glass ceiling,” right? I mean, as compared to–

WHATEVER, try harder next time Moose Boob.


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