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A political sex scandal (and GAY, no less!) where both participants are INCREDIBLY GOOD-LOOKING, WHAT?!

Here is newly-elected, probably soon-to-be-ousted, Portland mayor Sam Adams:


And here is his Lewinsky, a young man with the ludicrously gay porn-ready name of Beau Breedlove:


I mean, really. This is a landmark moment in politics that could have only happened after the inauguration of a black president. So, Rick Warren aside, THANK YOU OBAMA FOR ALL THIS HOPE AND CHANGE. Yes we can have political scandals where you don’t want to vomit at the thought of the participants en flagrante delicto.

Also I get that everyone is gaga over Breedlove because a) how is that name not already used for like a Sean Cody model; and b) he is a hot piece of young ass. Okay, but really? Not anything that spectacular. Oooooh he’s skinny yawn. But look at Sam Adams! Way hotter, rowr.

I have woken up now, thank you Portland.


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