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A while back, I wrote some effusive rambling thoughts on Paranoid Park after I watched it for a second time. I couldn’t write them after the first time, because I was too discombobulated and entranced and overwhelmed by its tone and mood, and I needed to view it more critically, and figure out the WHY of reaction. Now that I did that, I can go back to drooling incoherence. I am almost never affected by a film as much as I’ve been affected by this one–I try to watch another movie but I think of Paranoid Park or put it on instead (I have had this from Netflix for about a month now; I should really just buy the damn thing). It so successfully puts me in a specific mood, I can’t help it.

The four people who read this thing aren’t likely to ever watch this movie so I’m just going to post my two favorite scenes, because they are beautiful examples of what the film accomplishes:

(ignore the, erm, Right Said Fred at the beginning of this one, as well as the Italian)

And my favorite scene in any movie since Julianne Moore at the end of Safe:




  1. I have seen this movie and enjoyed it quite a bit, but I have to admit that it didn’t deeply affect me or stay with me in any way. As far as Van Sant’s work goes, I was definitely more emotionally rocked by Elephant and Milk. I’d be interested to know why this particular film grabbed you so strongly. Maybe I need to see it again.

  2. attempted (and failed) critical analysis is here:

    though how do you accurately analyze something that pushes all your aesthetic buttons?

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