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From the raped-of-its-humor-and-insight-by-the-Gawker-drones New Defamer:

Two New Seasons of Friday Night Lights Just Begging to Be Ignored Completely

Funny how this person thinks FNL is “laboriously-praised” (as opposed to, say Mad Men and Battlestar Galactica) while deeming it necessary to have recaps of Gossip Girl and The Real World.

In other Real World/Gays I Can’t Stand news, MTV is rolling out its Dustin Lance Black-penned Pedro movie (because a, uh, whole documentary series wasn’t enough?) tomorrow, on April Fool’s Day, because this the fooliest thing in the world and DL Black is a terrible writer as undeserving of his Oscar as Diablo Cody was. DL Black is this year’s Diablo Cody, except at least her TV thing stars Toni Collette, GEEZ. You lose, DL Black.


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