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How many indie nerd sadsacks are weeping right now because of this, do you think?

Like the cancer that is that Darjeeling guy… what’s his name?

AVC: Wes Anderson?

WO: Yeah. His completely cancerous approach to using music is basically, “Here’s my iPod on shuffle, and here’s my movie.” The two are just thrown together. People are constantly contacting me saying, “I’ve been editing my movie, and I’ve been using your song in the editing process. What would it take to license the song?” And for me it’s like, “Regardless of what you’ve been doing, my song doesn’t belong in your movie.” That’s where the conversation should end. Music should be made for movies, you know?

Team Oldham, even if I don’t care for his music, because I care even less for Wes Anderson’s movies (yeah, even the first three, suck on it, have you tried watching those recently? YEESH!). And at least Oldham was in Old Joy and Wendy & Lucy.


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  1. LOVE IT. The comment thread on that interview is pretty hilarious. Lots of Anderson defending, several years too late.

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