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I am contributing to a new website called 10 Listens, started by my buddy Jeff, and my first review is up today. I’ll say this about listening to a Yo La Tengo record ten times before reviewing it: it allowed me to get over any kind of kneejerking I had regarding this band (about whom I always felt I’d missed the boat) doing anything relevant in 2009, instead going “Oh so what?” as well as grappling through some related issues regarding my indie rock past. I don’t listen to indie rock anymore! Which is maybe why I’m down with this YLT record. But I basically feel the same way as I did to all their records: Good, kinda boring, but I appreciate it and them.

I also enjoyed getting a dig on Mets fans like me. Oh, what a terrible season it has been. You can tell how terrible because I haven’t written much about it. What is there to say beyond “Boy, we fucking suck”?

Also, Taylor Swift finally recorded something I hate.


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