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Category Archives: L&O: SVU

So ever since I saw my first ever episode of Law and Order: Special Victims Unit last December, which involved I don’t even know what because ohmygod how did all of that happen in 40 minutes?, I decided to begin a quest of finding the most ridiculous episodes of SVU. Only now have I started, and will only recap the ones that reach zany heights. Such as this one:

Martha Plimpton is raped at a party. She is a junkie. In her purse is a decomposed/fossilized human finger. It belongs to her dead baby sister, whose body has been kept in a trunk in the closet. Benson and Stabler ask Mary Steenburgen (Plimpton’s mother) about it, she says nothing. She is followed late one night by Ice-T as she tosses the body into a dumpster. She is arrested. Plimpton tells Ice-T she is a junkie so that she can remember her sister’s face. She accuses Steenburgen of killing her sister, Steenburgen accuses Plimpton. Steenburgen is brought to court for homicide, but Tina Fey’s lesbian date on 30 Rock is put in jail for contempt when she refuses the judge’s order to charge Plimpton as an accessory. Judith Light forces 30 Rock lesbian to charge Plimpton. Estelle Parsons (Steenburgen’s mother) bails out Plimpton. Plimpton overdoses, is revived by Ice-T. Benson and Stabler talk to Parsons about the death of Steenburgen’s first child (a boy this time). Parsons is brought to Riker’s Island for a face-off with Steenburgen where they each blame the other for the boy’s death. Steenburgen basically confesses, but Parsons is arrested for being an accessory to that murder. Ice-T sees Plimpton and gives her a picture of her baby sister that was made via some fancy technology used on her sister’s skull (since they never took a picture of the baby when she was alive?), so Plimpton never has to take drugs again. She wants to give Ice-T a hug but is sure he doesn’t like to be touched. She hugs him anyway. Ice-T resists, then hugs back.


Zaniness Score (out of 100): 88