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Category Archives: scott caan’s meat and potatoes

A few posts back I talked about one of my romantic archetypes, so studiously titled “Lacrosse Captain” by my roommate. This is not to say that I haven’t had others; there’s Doughy White Boy, Sardonic Asian, Homey, Bespectacled Intellectual, and Louche Douche. Louche Douche is generally some sexily mean-looking guy who would probably beat the shit out of me at a moment’s notice. I think high school was instructive in the creation of this archetype.

Good recent examples of Louche Douche would be our GOP sideshow clowns like Plumber Samuelbacher Joe and Levi Johnston (although this kid actually seems kind of nice), various athletes (punk bitch Phillies pitcher Cole Hamels comes to mind), and Scott Caan. I don’t know anything about Scott Caan except his father is James Caan, and they both seem like douches. I also have never seen any movies starring Scott Caan except for Ocean’s 11, wherein he is mute or something, and Friends with Money, wherein he is a douchebag. So, perfect.

However, while I haven’t seen Varsity Blues or Into The Blue or Bluesy Blue McBlueyton, I can now happily say that I have seen Scott Caan’s meat and potatoes.