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Category Archives: suck it boston

Seriously, it’s like a combination of seven thousands things guaranteed to make me splooge. In fact, I would certainly want to contribute to it except omg does that mean I have to reread all of that stuff that I only-partially-forgot in college? Masculinity football erotics small town American economics political class system conservative values religion sex patriarchy absent fathers damaged sons forgotten daughters neglected wives surrogate parents THE SADNESS OF GUITARS WHILE FOCUSING ON THE BIG CLOUD-STAINED RED SKY uhhhh something Eve Sedgwick. I win!

What if I just write a personal essay on how the only thing I want to do is move to Texas and find a hot cowboy who is damaged but ultimately upstanding and it’s all FNL‘s fault?

Or how Kyle Chandler is the original DILF.

Or just how Taylor Kitsch turns straight boys into gay boys and how the show makes gay boys think they should actually care about football except ho shit who cares unless it’s the Super Bowl and WTF ELI AMAZING DAVID TYREE CAUGHT IT OH MY GOD the Pats are defeated in the best football game I’ve ever seen yeah suck it Boston.