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Category Archives: IM stupidity

me: i don’t think i ever really GOT heart until last night
when “i didn’t want to need you” came up on shuffle
and i was like rocking it hardcore
mark: word up, heart rules
you know my favorite thing about heart?
me: my favorite thing is that they got so cheesy and awesome
no what
mark: that they started out sounding really bloated, and then they started to look like it too

So basically I enjoy it when bands become Journey/Foreigner rather than when they’re being Led Zeppelin.


Only the roommate and I could turn something as wonderful and sweet as Wall-E into DICK JOKEZ.

Eric: oh god, that scene was the caulk for the crack in my heart
haha you filled your heart with a cock
Eric: so?  women do it all the time!
me: oh i’m sorry i forgot about your gaping chest-vagina
Eric: 12 inches of healing.

My apologies to Pixar.